Thursday, January 26, 2006

This is me and Gary, I will leave a post later! I look like a total fattie with the shelb hanging out in my belly ;)

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

whats in a Nick Name??

Today I am feeling a bit overwhelmed and tired. I think i got maybe 2 hours of good sleep last night no thanks to the shelby kicking me and wiggling around for most of the night. I can tell that she is getting a bit squished in there and is attempting to make some room for her ever growing self. Its the strangest feeling in the world to have a living thing moving around in your stomach and not know what it looks like or which way it is facing. Gary finally got to feel her kicking last night for the first time! I think he was excited about it but he doesnt show much emotion. So any way, some people might think that what i just wrote about was boring so I will move on. Last night i got in trouble for not typing anything in my blog about my sister Lyndee who just happens to live at my house. As i was starting to create this blog i found myself mad at the kid because she has like 4 cool nicknames and i have...NONE. She goes by the names: Cheese, Pansy, Dizzle and Quail. I am not going to explain all of those but they have significant meaning. I feel like a lost soul since i have no nickname, my family calls me plain old "jack" and it just doesnt suffice. I have already made nicknames for the unborn child in my tummy such as: the shelb, shelbster, bean and beeb. I have to say that I am glad that i dont have a totally stupid nickname like "buddy" or "sweet toots". I guess i shouldnt complain about not having a nick name, maybe i am having an identity crisis, babies make your brain do strange things you know ;) I do have nicknames for all of my dogs (i will post thier pic soon). My white doggie is "Kobe J Buggie", black dog is "Yogi J Bearsy", Springer spaniel is "Harley J McDavidson" and the shitzu is "Peach Squog Hodgie". I have also assigned names to various people at work and refer to them as thier nick name so that they dont know i am talking about them. My only question is: Are they making up names for me too? and what are they? I'd be interested to know, or on second thought maybe not ;)

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Welcome one and all!

Why hello there! I am new to the whole blogging thing but my brother is Lifeonapl8 so i have a little help. I suppose that i am starting to blog in an attempt to release some pent up feelings and make a few people laugh along the way. I am expecting a baby in March and so thought it would be interesting to see how pissed off i get in the next 6 weeks about how uncomfortable and sucky being pregnant really is. I will try to avoid obscenities but i make no promises. I also have a very stressful job and may at times refer to the drama that takes place in my office repeatedly throughout the day. So to begin my journey into blog land i tell you this: dont ever make a pregnant girl mad, you may 1) die 2) want to die 3) start sucking your thumb again like you did when you were 1 because i scare you so bad!

Well, this is a short post but i will return. Today is just a small piece of the puzzle that i call life, or whatever. ;)