Thursday, September 25, 2008

Feed that Fetus!!

Well another fiscal year is coming to an end and as we say around this time, "happy new year!". I have been working my b-u-t-t off and am SICK of working to say the least. When I get my bonus next month it will be going into savings so that I can take off a measly 2 months for maternity leave. Sometimes being a working mom sucks, but I like the time to myself and I feel like Shelby is learning so much at school that I would be too lazy to teach her at home. I have been feeling rather crappy this week. I think its the stress from work, they hound us in the end of the fiscal year and all I can think about is my production numbers. We built a deck last weekend and are finishing the back yard in the mext 2 weeks so I have been busy at home also. Hopefully I get a picture of the fetus sometime soon so that I can post it on here. I will update on Shelby later!