Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Deep Thoughts...

Deep Thought #1: Today i was sitting in my office at work looking around at various things like my stapler and my large collection of Pilot medium black pens. My attention turned to my microwave which has pictures on the buttons to indicate what cooks what. The vegetable button just happens to have a tomato on it. I sat there pondering this for a moment. Who would seriously put a whole tomato in the microwave and push that button? So i called Gary up to ask him if you can cook a whole tomato in the microwave and he said, "Im pretty sure that a tomato would just blow up!". EXACTLY my thoughts. But how cool would it be to see a tomato blow up in the microwave? I wish i would have thought of this when i was like 8 years old because 1) my mom would more than likely have to clean it up and 2) i didnt have a college degree when i was 8, thus my knowledge base was not so broad that i would be considered an idiot for performing such an act. If i were to blow up a tomato in my microwave I would simply grab a bag of tostitos and have me some salsa!
Deep Thought #2: Why does everything have to be white? I was also noticing today that all of the paperwork and stuff I do at work is on white paper. Who decided that the standard color of paper is "white"? Dont you think that it would improve your overall mood and morale if it were printed on, say, pink or pale yellow? Or you could do your work based on your mood. If i was feeling especially pissed off I would print everything on black or gray paper. If I was feeling like saving a tree or a whale or something I would print everything on green. If BYU was playing that day I would print everything on, hello, BLUE! I feel that paper color would definitly improve my quality of life ;)