Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Hello new baby boy!!!

Shelby is super excited about our new addition!! We just had the ultrasound yesterday and found out that it is "definitly a boy" (as the doctor stated). I wasnt sure how to take this news because I am dreading having to buy all new clothing for our last child. Shelby currently has 15 bins of clothes packed into the basement and she isnt even 3 yet. I am also scared of boy parts, havent ever had to deal with them ;) Shelby is calling the baby "my baby" and I think she kind of gets it that I have a baby in my belly. Gary gave his usual response to the news, "I said it was going to be a boy so I am not surprised" - even though he had no idea. Its going to be fun to start buying boy toys, heaven knows he doesnt want to play with all of Shelb's Disney Princess crap. We have decided on a name that could still be changed, Rox Tate Larsen. I think it is awesome, not a normal everyday name for sure and one that represents some very successful people. We were trying to get Shelb to say Rox last night but what came out sounded more like the F word than anything else ;) Yay for babies!!