Friday, September 12, 2008


Yes, that is the baby's face that you can see in the above picture. Looks like a baby skeletor from castle grayskull! My doctor thought it was the funniest picture ever so she printed me one out and I scanned it into my computer. Although its kind of creepy, I cant stop looking at it! I put it on my phone as the wallpaper and Shelby was royally ticked that her picture wasnt on there anymore. I have recently been thinking about this new child and wondering if I will be able to love it as much as I love my Shelb. I love to spoil her and dress her cute and primp her hair, hopefully I will be the same with skeletor ;)

Monday, September 08, 2008

The big girl bike!!

Well shelby is officially 2 and a half now and is such a cute little girl! We decided it was high time we bought her a trike so we trucked on over to Walmart to check out the goods. Shelby sat on about ten different trikes until she settled on the good old Radio Flyer - pink and purple and a beautiful piece of work! As you can see from the pictures she hasnt quite gotten the hang of it yet, maybe its because her legs are short. She had lots of fun pushing it around the driveway instead of riding it. The newest addition to the Shelby vocabulary is, "oh gosh". I am not sure where she got it but its the cutest thing in the world to hear. Shelby has also started playing the piano daily and singing right along with her made up tunes. She flips through the hymn book and acts like she is playing every page, its quite entertaining. Now that the weather has cooled off a bit I am going outside later at night and taking the shelb on walks. Its so nice to get out of the house, it has been one heck of a hot summer! To update you all on the fetus, it is doing well and not making me as sick as it was a few weeks ago. I still struggle with how much to eat before I feel like crap. I am also finding that a few sips of Dr Pepper every half our or so makes my tummy feel much better. For all of you that want to lecture me on drinking caffeine while pregnant, I really dont care right now. I didnt drink anything but water with Shelby and she is still crazy and off the wall. I am just doing what the fetus tells me to ;)