Monday, May 15, 2006

babies change people, its true

A baby can change a lot of things in life. Its funny how people that you have never talked to or dont even know suddenly want to see your baby and ask like 500 questions about them. Babies also bring families closer. Whenever we go to a family activity lately we are the most popular people there because everybody wants to see and hold shelby. Even family members that i wasnt on good terms with or havent talked to in years suddenly forget the past and become my friend again. As an example, just the other day i was at training table for lunch with gary and shelby. I had to take her to the bathroom to change her pants and she was fussing. I walked past the cashier counter and like 5 employees rushed out to see shelby and ask me how old she is and blah blah blah. I have to admit that while i was pregnant i was overly interested in babies. Once i was in the bathroom at Rainbow Gardens and a girl was changing her newborn baby. I wanted to see it so bad that i walked right into a wall while staring. Then i tried to exit through the closet, i was embarrassed to say the least. So i can see why people are so interested. Babies dont stay small for long and you dont really see lots of babies out and about every day. I must admit that Shelby is especially popular because she is SO STINKIN CUTE and everybody wants to see and touch her thick hair. Not only has Shelby changed me, she causes even the most tired and pissed off cashier at Walmart to smile and comment about how cute she is, instantly changing their demeanor. I dont know what it is about babies that makes people suddenly nice, its a strange phenomenon. All i know is that i like it =)