Thursday, June 12, 2008

Happy Father's Day!

Yesterday at school Shelby learned about daddy's and things that they do. She learned about face shaving (which is actually something she has never seen Gary do since he has had a beard since she was born). When we got home last night she decided to try out her new skill in the tub. Dont worry, there is no blade in the razor (I know there are people freaking out)! She did a pretty spiffy job I must say! Happy father's day daddy, we love you!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Ok, the latest and greatest blog update is now here. Shelby is obsessed with her orange towel and really anything orange in general. She will not take it off after she gets out of the tub or shower and walks around looking like ObiWan Kenobi. I think she is doing little Jedi mind tricks on me, actually I know she is...sneaky little thing. Also, whenever she is in the vicinity of a camera lately she does this huge cheese face like you can see in the pic. Its freakin funny! Oh, and speaking of the orange obsession that we have going on, I found an orange matchbox car in her bed (crib) the other morning - she was laying on top of it. How she got it in there without me knowing it is beyond my comprehension, its those jedi mind tricks I tell ya. Anyway, work sucks as usual, I have been in trainings this week that have almost bored me to death. Gary injured his back and so has been in lots of pain and not very fun to be around. Its affecting his work also, so that sucks. At least I know that at 5pm every day Shelby will be stoked to see me, I look forward to that ;)