Thursday, May 04, 2006

Deep thoughts of Shelby

Today I had a rough day. I am just bummed about going back to work. Im not bummed because i dont want to work, Im bummed because i will miss shelby all day long. I actually enjoy my job and my friends at work very much, but i also enjoy my shelb too. In all honesty, i have to work. Not much of a choice, this is the life that I have chosen and I love working and using my college education for something. I will be with shelb every week on Friday, Saturday and Sunday and also every night after work. I dont feel guilty about having to put her in daycare, i feel that it will be a good social experience for her. I recenly went and checked out the daycare that shelb will be going to. Its right down the street from my house and the lady that runs it is SUPER nice and very good with babies. I felt very good about it when i went to visit. SO my question is this: why do people feel the need to express thier very strong opinions about child care to me when clearly i have a different opinion? I dont try and force my opinion on them, nor would i ever make someone feel like a bad parent for having to go to work to provide for thier children. What about single parents? Are they bad parents because they have to put thier kids in daycare? I think not. I just wish that people would keep thier rude opinions to themselves and do the most sensitive thing - put themselves in my shoes. Yes, I love shelby more than anything. Yes, I value our time together. Yes, I want her to have a good and meaningful life. Yes, I want her to have a good relationship with me and her family. No, I dont think that putting Shelby in daycare is "letting someone else raise my child". Shelby will grow up to love me as her mother because that is exactly what I am, I care about her more than anything and being a working mom just means that the time I get to spend with her will mean everything to me and i will make it the best i possibly can.

proud uncle!

proud grandma!

Tuesday, May 02, 2006