Saturday, April 15, 2006

yo yo yo

Sup! This is Shelby the homie, she was trying out a new look the other day and we thought she looked pretty good! Just to update everyone, Shelby is chillin in da hood wit her coo self. Today Shelby spent the day at Grandma's house in Huntsville. According to Grandma, she slept most of the day, which totally screws me over because she will more than likely be up all night now. When my mom told me this, i wondered why shelby doesnt ever sleep all day when i am home with her. Then i came to the conclusion that its because i am so entertaining that she doesnt want to miss anything so she stays awake all day long. Oh, and there has been an addition to the family: Grandma Sue and Grandpa Joe were blessed with two bunnies for Easter. They are named Beast and Sprinkles and are living in the chicken coop in the yard. We would like to extend a warm welcome to them and invite you to visit them whenever you want. peace out yo.