Wednesday, October 29, 2008

My toddler

Shelby has recently become extremely posessive of EVERYTHING. Today at school she took over a huge pumpkin and decided that it was her pumpkin. She didnt want anyone to touch the pumpkin, look at the pumpkin, talk about the pumpkin or hug the pumpkin. She started yelling and crying because she was so upset at the other kids. I asked her teacher if this happens a lot. She said, "it happens more than it doesnt". Apparently Shelb has a major problem with sharing, hopefully the fetus will help her with this. I asked the director if Shelb's behavior is normal, she told me that its just a stage. Lately everything is Shelby's. "my mommy, my puppy, my bed, my bread, my nilk, my tv, my baby, my blankie, my bottle, my car, my daddy, my lin, my kylo, my apple, my pumpkin, my nana" and on and on. Why are toddlers so narcissistic? I dont remember acting like Shelb when I was 2 ;)