Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Nesting...Or not

What is the definition of "nesting"? I am not really sure but I am thinking that i am currently doing this "nesting" thing. According to my pregnancy book (which has been my bible for the past 9 months), nesting happens a few weeks or days before the kid will be born. It involves a sudden spurt of energy, getting ready for the baby to come by cleaning, acting like youre cleaning, getting things situated at work, acting like you are getting things situated at work, making cookies in the middle of the night, packing your hospital bag and rushing to the store to buy things you dont have yet (you dont want that baby coming home naked!). In the photo attached to this blog entry I am showing some serious enthusiasm and looking like i could pass out all at the same time. This is what nesting feels like. The reason that i think i am doing this "nesting" thing is because just 2 days ago my sis was cleaning the kitchen and ran out of paper towels. WEll the paper towels are stored in the garage on a shelf that is a level below the kitchen. It requires walking, climbing stairs and carrying something if you need to get some more paper towels. So out of the blue I volunteer to go and get some paper towels and Lyndee almost passes out on the floor. Not only did I volunteer to do this but i actually DID it. It has been approximately 9 months since I have even moved a finger, let alone trucked to the garage for something. Then on Sunday I decided that i wanted to make some cookies. I mixed them up, baked a batch and then baked another batch the next morning. WHAT THE?? I havent made cookies or really anything that required physical movement for...uh...probably like 2 years! Not only am I doing these strange and totally opposite-of-my-actual-personality things but I have excess energy to do them. Just last night I tried to run down the hall for no apparent reason. This scared Lyndee pretty bad because the only time she sees me move a little faster than usual is when i sneeze and pee my pants, thus causing me to walk faster to the bathroom. I just needed a drink of water and saw no point on doing it slowly - i was thirsty dang it. Another thing that i have been doing (that hasnt really gotten anything accomplished) is that i make lists for everything. I have a list of names of people to call when the baby is born, a list of claims that i need to make determinations on, a list of other claims that need exams, a list of ALL my claims and thier current status, a list of miscellaneous phone numbers that have called me lately, a list of baby stuff that we still need, a list of things to lock up when i take maternity leave from work, a list of things to take home, a list of things to pack in my hospital bag, and on and on and on. These lists are overtaking my life! Not only are there like 50 of them but I know that I wont actually do anything with 99% of them, they just make me feel like i am getting something done. I believe that the term "nesting" refers to what birds do before thier eggs hatch. They fly around and grab crap to add to thier nests and cant sit still because there is too much to get done. The egg just chills in the nest while the momma bird becomes a spaz and "gets ready" for the baby bird to come crackin out. Not that i like to be compared to a bird but if acting like a psycho and running around the house when you feel like puking and could topple forward at anytime is considered "nesting", i am guilty as charged!