Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The bullshiz BMI chart!


For about the last week I have been stewing about something that my FNP said to me on my first prenatal visit. She said, "just so you know, you only have about 5 or 10 pounds left to gain with this pregnancy so you should probably start exercising or something." I was stunned! As I sat there in disbelief I thought to myself, "what the crap does she know?". Apparently on the bullshiz BMI chart I am in the overweight category- barely. I lost a ton of weight this year, I was down to 155 just one month ago when I found out I was carrying my 2nd little bundle of joy. I have not done anything differently, I have exercised and eaten well, I am just getting a little bit fluffier is all. I told my friend about this bad experience and she sent me an email about "pregorexia". Go ahead and google it my friends, it is real. The definition is something like caring too much about your weight and physical image more than your growing fetus to the level that you actually cause your child malnutrition and low birth weight. Clearly this is a mental thing that carries over to a physical problem. Now I am not professing to be a skinny little prego girl but I certainly dont think of myself as a fatty patty either. I care about my child getting nourishment and therefore I eat 6 small meals a day and drink TONS of water. If that causes me to be in the overweight category then so be it, I would rather have a healthy child and lose the weight later, which I know I can do because I have done it. I took a sideview pic of myself today so that you could all see my "overweight" and hot bod! LMK what you think about my FNP's comment!