Monday, January 30, 2006

10 Items or LESS!!

OK! So i was at walmart on Saturday trying to buy a DVD and some pepcid complete. 2 Items is all i had. So i am of course looking for the shortest line, which at walmart is pretty much a lost cause. Gary and I went to the 10 items or less line and looked at the people in line before us. They had like 85 items in thier carts and were in the 10 items or less line because its the only lane that sells smokes. WHAT CRAP! So we proceeded to wait like an hour for all these people to put thier 85 items on the small table belt (it is clearly only big enough for 10). The longer i stood there the madder i got. First off i was mad at the people who obviously could care less that the 3 people behind them had under 10 items and could have been out of the chaotic walmart in minutes, not hours, had they obeyed the sign. Then i started to get mad at the check out girl who didnt have the balls to tell them they could only have 10 items. Then i got mad at Walmart for the piss poor set up they have where the only lane that sells cigarettes is the freakin 10 ITEMS OR LESS lane! Do they think that people who smoke only buy 10 items or less when they go to walmart? I mean, cigs are expensive but obviously they need other necessities like TP and hotdogs. So as the minutes passed my blood pressure went up and my face turned red. I found myself counting the items in people's carts and wondering if i would make it out of walmart alive. Gary noticed i was getting a little out of control and told me to go and sit on the bench by the register which was unoccupied. I walked over to the bench, still counting the dang items in people's carts and feeling increasingly worse anxiety. This whole experience reminds me of other things i hate about walmart. For example: If a fat and pissed off pregnant girl is walking down the isle and you are hogging the whole thing with your cart then MOVE THE F@#$ out of the way! You seriously think i can fit between your cart and the millions of salsa bottles? HeLLO! Another example is the whole cart problem. The cart returns in the parking lot are in the middle of the lanes, there are none at the front of the parking lot at all. This set up brings out the laziness in people. I cant even tell you how many times i have come out of wal mart to find my bright yellow car SURROUNDED by 30+ carts. Once i was walking up to my car and a guy walked up behind me and pushed his cart directly behind my trunk, then walked away. AGAIN - how stupid are people? Or should i ask, WHAT IS THE AVERAGE IQ OF PEOPLE THAT SHOP AT WALMART?! I am clearly not in the condition to move all 30 carts from around my car just because people suck. If i were driving a beater i would just drive through them. Gary's number one complaint at walmart is when people drive down the parking lanes the wrong direction. If this happens upon our arrival to walmart I know that the rest of the trip is going to blow. If the arrow is pointing at you, DONT DRIVE DOWN THE ROW! There is only room for one car and when you look at me like its my fault you cant fit by i want to throw you the one finger salute and take a bat to your windshield. Walmart is supposed to be convenient and less stressful because they have everything you need in one trip, my opinion is that Walmart forces people to either slit their wrists or (sooner than later) admit themselves to the psych ward.