Monday, January 05, 2009


I now have 85 days left until the new baby is here. All I can say is that I am exhausted and so is the rest of my family. Lately I cannot sleep whether its due to being way uncomfortable, having to pee every hour or having insane nightmares/dreams. I think that Christmas and New Years took everything I had left and now there is no more energy. Shelby continues to amaze me every day. She told me that the baby was in Wall-E. The reason that she thinks this is because Wall-E sounds like Belly and we keep telling her the baby is in the belly. Its hillarious to hear her say that the baby is in Wall-E, she truly thinks this is the case and will go get her Wall-E robot and show us. Her newest word is "licious", as in "that choclut is licious". Not everything she eats gets this type of praise, thats for sure. She is also one of the best mess makers known to man. It takes her a matter of minutes to empty every single toy bin in her room, its impressive to say the least. My discipline skills as a mother have drastically gone down hill in the last month. When Shelby is naughty, I really dont care. In all honesty, I dont have the energy to do anything about it, not to mention that if I do get mad I just have to console the child anyway and thats a pain. If she does something really bad I just call Gary upstairs and he takes care of it - terrible parenting, I know, but I just cant do much more right now. I hope everyone had a good Holiday season, my next blog probably wont be until I am ready to pop this kid out and may not be the most positive thing to read ;)