Wednesday, July 30, 2008

life and death in the larsen family

Hello everyone, thought I would update you all on the above title of this blog entry. Gary and I found out last week that we will be welcoming our second child into this world around April 1, 2009! We were so stoked about this news and have been waiting for this for months. Yes, it was totally planned and we are so excited! In the event that we have a boy this will more than likely be the conclusion of the Gary/Jackie clan. In the event that we have a girl there is a possibility that we may try one more time for a boy in a few years. Last Thursday we received a phone call letting us know that Gary's grandpa Hadley had passed away. This news was bittersweet as we all knew how badly he wanted to be with his wife that passed away in a car crash in 1996. Grandpa Hadley blessed all of our lives and we will miss him but we know that he is finally happy and free from the cares of this world. The funeral was a good reminder to me of how to treat our spouses and children. It is of the utmost importance that we let our families know how much we love and value them in our time with them on this earth. We do not know when we will be called back to heaven so we must make the most of everyday we are given. I like to think of death as a gorgeous sunset. The sun will set on our lives but it is a beautiful thing and no one sunset is the same. Although the sun will set on our lives, the sun will rise in our children's lives - watch the Lion King, it does a great analogy of this. Thanks to all friends and family and for all the support and prayers, we love you all and hope to see you next spring when we welcome little Tate/Tatum into our lives!