Tuesday, October 21, 2008

sad news

Shelby's face last wednesday says it all. We found out that Gary's mom had passed away at 3am that morning. The stroke that she had suffered was too massive and damaging to come back from and her heart and body could just not heal. I have not cried this hard in 11 years, since the death of my dad. DeeAnn was a mother to me above all things and she loved Gary and I no matter what the circumstances. She was so very proud of her granddaughter, Shelby, and begged us to visit more often. Now more than ever, I wish we had. Her death was so unexpected and such a shock to all of us. Although Shelby is only 2 and a half, she knew what happened and she cried all week. Whenever she saw me crying she ran to the bathroom and brought back a roll of toilet paper to wipe my eyes with. She hugged me and kissed me and asked me what was wrong. Gary hasnt spoken much about the passing of his mom but he is hurting very much. The support and love from our ward, friends and family has been very much appreciated. DeeAnn was a mother, friend, wife, sister and grandmother that will be sorely missed.