Friday, August 07, 2009

Could people PLEASE learn the difference between a cold and a serious illness????

Ok, today I am annoyed. I got a call from one of Roxy's daycare teachers yesterday (Im not going to mention any names...ROBIN) and she informed me that Roxy was extremely ill, hadnt slept all day and wasnt eating. I told her to give him some FREAKIN tylenol and I would call the doctor. SOO I make an appointment for Roxy to see Ryan (Evans) at 5:30pm and run my butt over to daycare and almost die of heat exhaustion to get the kids to Kaysville before 5:30. AND COME TO FIND OUT....Roxy is TOTALLY fine. I'm not just saying that he was "ok", he was FINE with a bit of a runny nose. UGH. 25 bucks down the drain and a shiz load of stress that was totally unwarranted. If theres anything I learned from my 1st kid, its that you dont run to the dang doctor for every little sniffle because 99 percent of the time is a virus. FREAKIN ROBIN. Oh and an update on the weight loss - - - - Lost 7 pounds so far this week. BOOYAH.

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Hodo's said...

TOTALLY know what you are talking about. A couple of months ago Aidan got knocked out at the playground. The next day I had called to let his dr. know for a precaution type thing. All the dr. heard was he had blacked out so immediately she sends us to the ER!! I get there wait for an hour and a half. finally get the ER dr. and she says "So why did she have you come in?" I couldn't believe it. So now $300 later and didn't need to go in the ER. :) Lovely.