Thursday, October 07, 2010

Back to Bloggin!

Hello Everyone! It has been like EONS since I posted to my bloggie but I decided its high time that I get back to business. Rox is now 18 months old and Shelby is 4.5 and attending Pages Preschool. Yes, Gary and I still work at the same places so no change there. Our lives are busy busy busy, 2 kids compared to 1 is definitely a change. The kids love each other very much, no lie, they love to hang out and play and rox likes to jump on shelby's back and try to take her down. Its very entertaining to watch! I will post some pics when i can figure out how to do it on my new system!

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Melissa said...

Whoa!! Didn't expect to see a new post from you... You better keep blogging!